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I’m in my local Starbucks redecorating their store with my own pictures. Management would typically not appreciate patrons hanging their own vacation pictures on their walls, placing dinosaurs on the tables, or leaving a 6 foot long shark to guard the Employees Only door, but I’m wearing Microsoft’s Hololens.


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I opened a Unity project on another computer, and got a message that the lighting in my scene was built with a different version of Unity than I was using. I searched the forums and Answer section but found nothing useful. I was using version Unity 5.4.0b17 on my laptop, and opened it using version 5.4.0b22-HTP (for HoloLens development) on my desktop. The scene opened up without any details, just a yellow screen.

I was going through the Tanks tutorial and luckily the instructor had mentioned “Auto Build”. Here’s how to solve it.

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So my Microsoft HoloLens arrived this week and I haven’t been this excited since I got my first Nintendo. I placed the order on Thursday, and it was at my door, straight from China, by Tuesday. I was a part of the 3rd wave (developers are receiving the device in waves as they become available) and was scheduled to get mine around September/October. This was an awesome surprise!

My house now looks like something out of a video game with holograms hanging around everywhere and after using it for a few days it’s starting to dawn on me just how revolutionary this is.

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How to Use Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

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What used to be limited to the Linux & OSX crowd, is [finally] available on good ‘ole Windows. We only had to wait 20 years for it. Yes, I know there were alternative Explorer shells, but most were pretty buggy, and I prefer native features. After you get used to having virtual desktops, it becomes hard to work without them. Here’s how to use virtual desktops on Windows.

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We can all appreciate the benefits of security updates in Windows, but for system administrators, it means routinely checking what the update breaks. If you’ve carefully read through the release notes and checked them against your custom configurations, upgrades can be a minor annoyance, but manageable. The fun is when upgrades break stuff and instead of working on your projects you need to search blogs like mine for a solution.

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